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The True Freedom Learning Center

We invite you to join us as we gather each Sunday in the Learning Center Chapel. Our doors and hearts are open to all members of the community. Worship commences at 11:15am, followed by a weekly fellowship luncheon.

The True Freedom Learning Center, Inc. in St. Marys, Georgia offers something for the entire family: daycare, mentoring, literacy, advocacy, after-school activities and more. In bright and spacious surroundings your child will grow and thrive, assisted by a superb staff and highly qualified volunteers (including PhD-level tutors in the areas of literacy and science). Striving to meet - and exceed - the needs of our community, The True Freedom Learning Center, Inc. offers hope, learning and joy to you and your children.

Our Mission

The mission of the True Freedom Learning Center, Inc. is to foster individual and community strength through education, access to existing resources and childhood/adult enhancement programs.

Our Vision

The vision of the True Freedom Learning Center, Inc. is to build, through the utilization of united and diverse efforts, an organization within the St. Marys community that serves as an instrument by which we may more fully address the needs of our society and effect positive, results-oriented change.

Our Goals

  • To provide much-needed pre/after-school programs to our youth.
  • To actively encourage the development of the “whole child” through organized literacy, art, music and dance programs.
  • To promote fiscal responsibility through increased knowledge of personal financial management.
  • To provide mentoring and tutoring services to all members of the community.
  • To offer family-oriented activities that will enhance and foster cohesion and strength within the family unit.
  • To meet the needs of those who may be struggling with personal, financial or social issues.
  • To vigorously encourage integrity, self-worth and respect within both adults and children through education, participation and motivation.
  • To provide, to adults and children, a consistent, dynamic and tangible source of faith, hope, charity and love.