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The True Freedom Learning Center

On this page we will acknowledge the many "angels among us" who give so freely of their time and effort. If you know an "Angel", just send us a note and we will include them on our Angel Roster. There are so many within our community who give quietly and selflessly and we believe that they should be acknowledged and celebrated. So to begin...

Our Board

Sean and Bill Myers (library shelves)

Ronnie Searles (painting the library shelves)

Bonnie Crow (donation of computer, printer and fax machine)

Pat Chiarelli (advice and research)

Mary Keating (mentoring and support)

Connie Castoc (teaching materials and supplies)

Jeff Kelley (Camden County Board of Education computer donations)

Ellen Brown (Library book sorting and library services)

Sandy Banks and the Camden County Girl Scouts (book donations)

Christine Daniels and Christi Gallagher (ReStore/Habitat for Humanity for books and equipment donations)

Barbara Ryan and the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance (fund-raising)

Dick Russell (shelving)

Gaila Brandon (donation of couches for the Library)

Roy Campbell (donation of books)

The Camden County Board of Education (computers)

The Community of St. Marys (support, donations of computers, materials and books)

Margaret Thompson

Chaplain Lt. Catherine Pace, of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay,

The Osprey Cove Women's Club