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The True Freedom Learning Center


"I am in awe of the work that Loretta, Kevin and their staff is doing at the Learning Center. You have only to look at the children to know that this is a rare place of hope, love and opportunity. If only I had had access to something like this when my children were in daycare!"

Rachel Scott

"The learning center offers so many excellent opportunities for children from all backgrounds. The Georgia School System has cut computers, music and the arts. It is so wonderful the Learning Center is taking up the cause of incorporating arts and music into their program. It is documented that the Arts improve SAT scores significantly.

If one child can be redirected in life it is a real accomplishment. "No child left behind" would be a great slogan for the Learning Center."

Janet Brinko

"I am so impressed with the progress my son has made since he started attending the daycare. He gets smarter by the day! Everyone is so friendly. Thanks for all that you do -- and a special thanks for letting "Mr. Fred" attend, too :)"

Sarah Munoz

"The Learning Center has helped my daughter a lot. She has been coming here since she was 6 months old and now she is 19 months - and it is amazing how much she has learned. She knows basic colors: red, blue, yellow, orange. She can identify objects when she sees them: car, plane, moon, etc. She's already doing things that 2 & 3 year olds are doing. I'm truly proud and thankful that my child is attending the True Freedom Learning Center."

Chris Lewis

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